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First and Foremost

Michigan Vascular Center is the oldest and largest group of Vascular Specialists in private practice in Michigan. The physicians at Michigan Vascular Center work together as a true group practice. No patient is claimed as one’s own. Decisions are typically made with the input of the group, adding the value of a vast combined experience to each patient’s care. The Vascular Specialists collaborate on patient care, share ideas, operate together, and share responsibility for the patients’ well being. We all believe that “two heads are better than one,” especially when something as important as our patient’s life is on the line. Sharing the daily patient care responsibilities, our doctors are also able to attend meetings and training courses around the country and internationally. They bring back these insights and advances to the group for the sake of the patients.


All of our Surgeons are focused 100% on Vascular Surgery, which is a rapidly changing field. We have been caring for the people of Genesee County day and night, 365 days a year since 1963. In an effort to bring innovative techniques to the community, we have been leading the advance of minimally- invasive endovascular procedures to address diseases that traditionally require extensive operations. In fact, over half of our work is now done using a minimally invasive technique.


In keeping our commitment to provide unparalleled vascular services to the community, Michigan Vascular Center voluntarily sought accreditation by the Accreditation Association for Ambulatory Health Care (AAAHC). In 2010 all locations received full accreditation. Since this demands a high level of commitment and effort, it challenges us to find better ways to serve our patients.


Vascular surgery is a Nationally accredited surgical specialty involving the diagnosis and treatment of arteries, veins and lymphatic systems, exclusive of the heart and brain. The American Board of Surgery requires specific training in this specialty. Each Vascular specialist at Michigan Vascular Center spent five years in General Surgery residency. After becoming a General Surgeon, they entered specialized training in Vascular Surgery. They are highly trained and specialized in the treatment of arterial and venous problems.

Unlike other specialties who perform a limited number of vascular procedures, Vascular Surgeons only treat vascular disease and injury. As such, we at Michigan Vascular Center have gained considerable insight into the diagnosis and treatment of vascular problems. We are privileged to share that insight with our colleagues and patients.

Our surgeons continually strive to bring state-of-the-art minimally-invasive vascular procedures to our patients; and if the need arises, are highly expert in performing open surgical repair of both veins and arteries.


Through the Michigan Vascular Research Department, we also participate in clinical trials, bringing possibilities to our patients rarely found outside of a University setting. As published proudly in our mission statement, we “exist to improve the quality of life” for our patients.

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Our Practice Consists Of:


At our main office in Flint, Michigan, patients are primarily evaluated for diseases of the arteries. This is also the site of Michigan Vascular Diagnostics Center (our main vascular laboratory) and the Research Department.


Michigan Vascular Access Center (MVAC) is located in both FLINT and SAGINAW. Here, patients are primarily treated for the creation and maintenance of hemodialysis- access fistulas. A satellite vascular lab, and a fully equipped endovascular suite are also housed here.


Vein Solutions, located at Gateway Centre in Flint is where patients are evaluated and treated for diseases of the veins. Our VeinSolutions office has a fully equipped radiofrequency ablation (RFA) suite where procedures can be performed in the comfort of an office setting.


All of our Surgeons have admitting and/ or operating privileges at:

  • McLaren-Flint
  • Genesys Regional Medical Center
  • Hurley Medical Center
  • The Surgery Center of Flint
  • Town Centre (Saginaw)

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