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Medical Teaching and Surgeon Training


The Surgeons of Michigan Vascular Center have been teaching medical students and general surgery residents how to manage vascular patients for over 25 years. A large percentage of the region's physicians and surgeons have rotated through our service.

When the era of endovascular surgery began, Dr. Dall'Olmo and Dr. Molnar traveled to Europe to learn the new techniques. Bringng them home to Flint, Michigan Vascular Center was on the cutting edge of the procedures.

From 2003 to 2007, MVRC offered advanced endovascular training to surgeons from around the country. To date, 57 surgeons from 23 different states have participated.

ACGME Accredited In 2013


At the November 2, 2012, meeting of the ACGME RRC, a two-year Vascular Fellowship Training program was approved. Michigan Vascular Center is now one of only 140 Vascular Fellowship Training Programs in the United States.

Young physicians who have completed their five years of General Surgery training may now apply for an additional two years in Vascular Surgery training as required by the American Board of Surgery.

The Michigan State University / Michigan Vascular Center Vascular Fellowship Training Program is now accepting applications from qualified surgical residents to fill an open positions. This is a two-year ACGME accredited (5+2) vascular surgery training program.

This is a community-based program covering all aspects of vascular medicine, vascular and endovascular surgery. Applicants must have completed an ACGME accredited General Surgery residency program.