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Endovascular Simulator

One of the "givens" in the medical profession is the unending search for better methods, materials and medications to improve the quality of care rendered along with outcomes. This applies to all surgical and medical disciplines. It has been most evident in our field of vascular surgery, a descipline which has undergone a tremendous technological revolution in the past 10-15 years.

Thanks to the generosity of the McLaren Foundation which provided the funds for "SAMI," our vascular fellowship's endovascular simulator, the technological revolution keeps marching forward. SAMI stands for "Simulation for Advanced Medical Interventions," and is a valuable asset to our Fellows.


Mentice is a world leader in vascular simulation. The Mentice VIST-C is a state-of-the-art endovascular simulator designed to train the vascular specialist by having much of the technical learning done prior to entering the surgical suite.

Training Details

Data from each case is captured within the software. A printout at the end of the practice case reveals elements such as fluoroscopy time, volume of dye used, and the time it took to perform different aspects of the procedure. All of this information will help the surgeon become more efficient and provide for better patient outcomes.


The Mentice VIST-C "supports a comprehensive range of angiography & interventional training procedures underpinned, by a full physics based simulation providing unparalleled simulation realism."

With SAMI's software, the user may experiment with different wires, catheters, balloons, stents and and endovascular devices to determine which will perform best and any given situation. SAMI is the quintessential endovascular training tool!


The VIST-C provides "a structured and comprehensive suite of modules with clearly defined learning objectives giving trainees exposure to a wide range of patient scenarios and anatomical variations."

VIST(R) CASE-IT Software allows the creation of a customized module from an individual patient's CT scan. The Fellow then has a patient's real-life vascular anatomy to work with and can practice and perform the appropriate endovascular intervention as many times as he wants before performing it on the patient. The Fellow can experiment with different wires, balloons, catheters and stents, thus minimizing the number of devices used on the patient and cutting operative costs. A procedure can be performed again and again until the user is satisfied with the entire planning and execution of the procedure.

"SAMI" is a vital component in our Vascular Fellowship Program and the training of vascular fellows. Dedicated time will be devoted to its use to help the fellow develop the technical and cognitive skills which will lead to endovascular procedures beiing performed in a shorter time frame, utilizing less dye, fluoroscopy time and fewer devices.

Simulation Training equates to enhanced patient safety and successful outcomes.