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Ken Eick, CP Director of Mobility Center

In 2012, Michigan Vascular Center announced the opening of an on-site Mobility Center. Our goal is to provide the best possible care for amputee patients. Our philosophy encourages a "team approach" between the surgeon, the prosthetist and the patient to ensure the best possible outcome. This early and continued involvement ultimately leads to amputees who are more ambulatory with minimal changes in lifestyle.

Ken Eick, CP became a certified prosthetist in 1990 and brings many years of experience to the table. Ken was one of the first to integrate micro-processing knee systems and Helix hip joint as standard of care in Michigan. He also has experience in elevated vacuum brimless sockets and holds a multitude of manufacturers certifications. In addition, he coordinates and teaches educational programs throughout Michigan to both physical therapists and physicians.

Ken has introduced the Omega digital scanning system into his patient care, using an Ipad with structural scanner to capture an image of the patient's limb which can then be used to design the socket. This system allows the clinician to create custom and highly precise sockets and to communicate more effectively with the technology in the industry. Ken welcomes both patients and health care professionals the opportunity to see how the system works.

Patients having problems with their current prosthetics or patients interested in specialty prosthetics are welcome to visit the Mobility Center.

Giving Life Back To Patients

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